Derwent Mills Commercial Park,
Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 0HT

T: +44(0)1900 828112

Innovation is what we’re all about – achieving commercial success by tackling real problems using creative technology.

We start with your problem, explore it, tease it out, look at it from various angles and then develop novel technological solutions. Seeing things differently is our strength.

The Createc team has a wide experience of the very latest sensor technology, imaging applications and software approaches that we can bring to bear on any problem. We have been successful in developing devices and software systems that are being used around the world. And we enjoy extending our expertise into new areas.

See us as a unique mix of thinkers and challengers who’ll work with you to innovate – whether you’re a potential client, partner, investor or team member, please get in touch.

Createc’s specialities are innovation and problem solving – coming up with the ideas that will solve a problem by asking the right questions, seeing things differently and then pushing through a solution to reality. And we’re already taking technology to new levels.