Createc is a computing and electronics engineering business specialising in technical consultancy and R&D in applied imaging and sensing. We devise novel combinations of existing sensor technologies to generate new solutions, often creating new opportunities in the process.

We’ve successfully applied imaging and sensing technologies and scientific computing techniques across a range of industries, including the civil nuclear, medical, aerospace, defence and security sectors.

We take on a mix of publicly funded and commercial R&D on behalf of our customers, finding answers to their imaging and sensing problems and developing technologies to deliver the solutions they need.

‘We believe that great research begins with a great problem. Too often, technology research begins with a solution and looks for a problem to apply it to but, at Createc, we work hard with our customers and partners really to understand their problems first. That way we can have confidence that when we find a solution, we’ll have done something of real value.’

We call it seeing things differently – combining the imaging and sensing aspects of what we do with an unusual – and productive – approach to R&D consultancy.