Createc began life in 2005 as the R&D function of REACT Engineering Ltd, an engineering consultancy that has been providing services to the civil nuclear industry since 1994. By 2010, the Createc team’s activities had grown beyond the civil nuclear sector and, to reflect this change in focus, Createc was formed as a new company, spun out as part of the R3i group.

In only a few years, we’ve created the world’s most advanced compact radiation imaging system, devised a fundamentally new technique for explosives detection, developed intelligent sensor systems for Unmanned Air Vehicles and invented the highest resolution aerial digital video system available today. Our approach to R&D works, generating concepts and testing feasibility – we even develop to prototypes and final use.

While recent projects have focused on the application of imaging and sensing technology to civil nuclear, security, defence, aerial photography and manufacturing applications, we’re also looking at applications in tomography and other areas of medical physics too.