The partnership approach – Createc has combined its expertise in navigation and radiation mapping  with Blue Bear’s experience of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and SNAP Avionics – the platform and the tools combined to solve a problem.

The customer – The nuclear decommissioning industry, especially project managers and engineers in that sector.

The customers problem – Every nuclear decommissioning challenge tends to be a one off – with associated one-off costs and complexities.  A remote survey approach that would work effectively across a range of decommissioning projects and in different environments offers significant economies of time and money.

Our view of the problem

The crux of the challenge is positioning.  The ability to get a sensor into an inaccessible area and to know and control its precise location. 

Our solution   By combining Createc’s 3D lidar (lasar scanning) positioning system with BlueBear’s UAV expertise and SNAP autonomy hardware, we devised a UAV that can safely and reliably navigate complex envionments.

Add to that a combination of Createc’s N-Visage® software and a gamma radiation spectrometer, and it is possible to create a 3D image of an unknown environment with a clear picture of radiation distribution for multiple isotopes.

The team – Ashley Napier and Pete Rodgers have led and managed Createc’s multidisciplinary RISER team, working with Ian Cowling and Mike Snook from the team at Blue Bear, based in Bedfordshire.

What happened next?

This project is already taking shape for applications in both indoor and outdoor surveys and the prototypes have gained a reputation for speed, accuracy and flexibility.  The two partner companies are working together to bring RISER into service in the UK, USA and Japan; we’ve also gone on to collaborate on new projects.

“The synergy between Createc and Blue Bear works really well for both companies: we have very similar cultures and missions, and highly complementary skills sets. The mutual support and challenge the companies bring each other has created some very exciting and successful projects.”  Matt Mellor