Our customer – We have developed this approach specifically for the petrochemical and nuclear sectors but it is already finding applications in other industries.

The customers problem – Conventional laser scanners are ideal for generating 3D models of vessel, pipework and other plant interiors but cost considerations and deployment are difficult so that laser scanning technology is not being used where it could offer great benefits.

Our view of the problem

Laser scanning could play a much bigger part in effective decommissioning and other energy sector projects.  Createc is in a good position to combine the essential components of conventional scanners, develop the required software and create an affordable tool.

Our solution   The Mini Scan™ is a compact laser scanner that uses small and relatively low cost components to capture a 3D point cloud model.  Multiple point clouds can be combined to remove shadowing, they can be coloured using images from a combined camera or they can be overlaid with radiometric data from N-Visage™ devices.

The Mini Scan™ weighs just under 4 kg and has an outer diameter of 110 mm, making it suitable for use where standard laser scanning equipment cannot be deployed due to its size and handling requirements. The optical system is completely sealed in a clear enclosure enabling wet cleaning.

The Createc team devised the enclosure of the device as well as the combination of components and our software engineers worked on the code to ensure that the device outputs are compatible with industry-standard point cloud tools.  The team has also developed an even smaller Micro Scan™ version with a diameter of just 88 mm.

Our team – The Createc team devised the Mini Scanner™ based on their past experience in hazardous environments and their understanding of the restrictions and limits of available laser scanners.

What happened next?

Both the Mini Scan™ and Micro Scan™ versions are now commercially available and are already being developed to be deployed with robotic and remotely operated vehicles in contaminated environments.

“Laser scanners are ideal for creating 3D models of complex and hazardous industrial environments.  Our combination of technology and experience in the development of laser scanners means that we are in a unique position to take the key components of the tool and create an affordable and accessible scanner.” Matt Mellor