N-Visage™ Gamma Imager

Our customer – Nuclear engineers especially those working in decommissioning and contaminated environments.

The customers problem – Making detailed remote contamination and waste assessments in 3D to enable accurate project planning when access is severely limited and environments are contaminated.

Our view of the problem

We realised that this was fundamentally a 3D imaging problem – the ideal solution would be a technology that could produce a quantified 3D map of the radiation sources in a cell. We therefore looked to medical imaging for inspiration, where technologies such as PET and SPECT imaging fulfil precisely that role. 


Route Assessment with Mobile Sensors

Our customer –  Via our contacts in Hi-Def Aerial Surveying, the client for this project was the Federal Rail Authority (FRA) in the US.

The customers problem – The FRA wanted a reliable and effective method to inspect their huge network without closing down sections of track for assessment.

Our view of the problem

The client needed to combine high resolution location, video and odometry techniques to replicate a manual walk along a railway track with the same intuitive interrogation and interpretation of large volumes of data – but without the risks.

Our solution   We developed a mobile sensing system and software suite to provide video survey capabilities from two stereo paired spherical cameras mounted on a rail vehicle platform.

This integrated system was then driven along a network to capture continuous high resolution video, providing visual data that was pre-processed to enable the user to make an accurate remote survey.  Visual odometry techniques were used to locate the sensing system in 3D space and, oncve merged with GPS data, this facilitated the navigation of the survey data via a map interface.

RISER with Blue Bear

The partnership approach – Createc has combined its expertise in navigation and radiation mapping  with Blue Bear’s experience of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and SNAP Avionics – the platform and the tools combined to solve a problem.

The customer – The nuclear decommissioning industry, especially project managers and engineers in that sector.

The customers problem – Every nuclear decommissioning challenge tends to be a one off – with associated one-off costs and complexities.  A remote survey approach that would work effectively across a range of decommissioning projects and in different environments offers significant economies of time and money.

Our view of the problem

The crux of the challenge is positioning.  The ability to get a sensor into an inaccessible area and to know and control its precise location. 

Mini Laser Scanner

Our customer – We have developed this approach specifically for the petrochemical and nuclear sectors but it is already finding applications in other industries.

The customers problem – Conventional laser scanners are ideal for generating 3D models of vessel, pipework and other plant interiors but cost considerations and deployment are difficult so that laser scanning technology is not being used where it could offer great benefits.

Our view of the problem

Laser scanning could play a much bigger part in effective decommissioning and other energy sector projects.  Createc is in a good position to combine the essential components of conventional scanners, develop the required software and create an affordable tool.