Createc Opens Oxford Office

Createc has announced the opening of a new office located in the Oxford Centre for Innovation. The new office, which will initially house a team of four, will help boost growth by providing access to a larger pool of the software engineers and scientists that Createc needs to expand its product development and R&D teams. It also provides a base near to key customers and partner companies based around the Harwell and Culham nuclear science sites.

“This is an exciting time for Createc”, says CEO Matt Mellor. “We are seeing significant growth in our nuclear business, with new products, new markets and some major new R&D programs gaining momentum. The new Oxford office is going to help us meet the challenges of growth”. The office will also be used as a base for Createc’s sports data spinout, which is beginning to grow its own product development team.

Createc secures biggest Japan contract so far

The team at Createc has secured a significant new contract with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to develop a suite of innovative radiation sensors for use at the Fukushima nuclear site in Japan.

“We’ve been working with the Mitsubishi team for a while,” says Matt Mellor. “This new contract covers the concept and early stage R&D for a suite of sensors. If all goes well, these sensors will then be commissioned for use at Fukushima to locate and quantify the fuel debris in the primary containment vessels on the tsunami-damaged site.”

“Our Japanese connections are strong after several months of travel, meetings and discussions with the people working at Fukushima,” says Trevor Craig. “We reckon that we’ve probably spent more than six months in Japan so far and have travelled over 120,000 miles and we’re anticipating more to come as this project takes shape.”

Createc’s SLATE Sensor Successfully Demonstrated As Part Of The SAPIENT Programme.

Createc have successfully demonstrated our innovative Scanning Laser Automatic Threat Extraction (SLATE) sensor as part of DSTL’s SAPIENT programme for autonomous connected sensors. The demonstration, which took place in June of this year, highlighted the effectiveness of our SLATE sensor as a surveillance and security tool, when used in conjunction with other sensors controlled by a decision making module.

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