N-Visage Gamma Camera

Once we’ve got to the crux of your problem, we develop specific sensors, algorithms and integrated systems to illuminate it and to generate the data that we need to tackle it. We create the means to interpret and understand it.

Then, we solve it.

You can involve us at whatever stage of your project needs our innovation and approach. For example:

  • We can be the catalyst, creating completely novel approaches and new ideas for your team to consider
  • Or we can support your own team with desk-based technology feasibility studies
  • We can bring physics modelling, hardware-in-the-loop simulation and rapid prototyping to your problem
  • We’ve plenty of experience of software development, system integration and product design
  • And, at the later stages of innovation, we can advise on and implement intellectual property and commercial strategies.

From one-off industrial systems to manufactured devices, adding Createc to your innovation mix may actually slash the costs and time required to prove a novel concept.

Our services and expertise fall into four key areas – have a look and then please get in touch if you’d like our input and ideas.