Createc wins IAEA Technology Challenge

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has announced Createc as one of two winners of the 2016 IAEA Technology Challenge. The Technology Challenge is intended to bring innovation into IAEA by opening up some of its technical difficulties to the international science and technology community.

The 2016 challenge related to computer-vision based enhancement of an existing IAEA safeguards tool, the Improved Cerenkov Viewing Device (ICVD). The IAEA uses the ICVD as part of various technical measures to verify the correctness and the completeness of the declarations made by Member States about their nuclear material and activities. The objective of the challenge was to improve the image quality of the handheld ICVD device using real-time image processing techniques.

“The IAEA Technology Challenge was a great example of how innovations in sensing can cross industry boundaries in unexpected ways” says Matt Mellor, MD of Createc. “Our entry won in the ‘multiple fuel assembly’ category; we adapted algorithms that we originally developed for drone navigation to turn shaky, noisy video into a clear map of fuel.” The winner of the single fuel assembly category, Emil Kraaikamp, used software he had originally developed for enhancing astronomy images to provide much a sharper view of fuel assemblies. “That’s often the way with technical innovation,” says Matt, “the insight comes when you recognise the problem at hand as one you have already solved in a completely different context”.