The  N-Visage® system is Createc’s solution to managing radiation-driven risks in nuclear-projects. The system comprises a set of tools that enable teams to generate actionable intelligence for any project driven by radiation or radioactivity.

Many nuclear projects – especially in decommissioning – are driven by concerns about radiation and radioactivity. Controlling hazards to workers and the environment, managing wastes and reducing waste volumes can have a dominating effect on project duration and cost. When the exact nature and magnitude of the challenge is not known, project risk is amplified; projects built on inaccurate or incomplete characterisation data often founder in the implementation phase as reality diverges sharply from plan. Other projects build pessimism on pessimism in the planning phase to avoid such trouble in implementation, only to find that scope, complexity and cost balloon as constraints multiply.

The N-Visage system is Createc’s response to the fundamental need of nuclear decommissioning projects to understand and quantify their radiation drivers. Based on concepts and techniques from the field of medical imaging, the N-Visage system is a combination of smart software with purpose-designed data capture hardware, that has been designed specifically for the purpose of reducing risk and improving efficiency in nuclear decommissioning.

Intelligent Software

The questions that decommissioning project managers need to answer are often not things that can be measured directly.