Predictive Radiation Modelling Software

N-Visage Fusion is a unique radiation modelling system for characterising nuclear facilities. The driving concept is data fusion; by combining multiple measurements into a single model. N-Visage makes data easier to navigate and reveals new insights.


  • Quantified 3D distribution maps of gamma emitting isotopes can be estimated for each object in the modelled facility. 
  • Data-driven dose rate estimates can be derived for any point in the model; these are physics based estimates that respect features such as shields and shine-paths.
  • Characterisation of radiation environment
  • Visualise dose environment in 3D to communicate the environment to operators
  • Take full control of worker exposure
  • Quantify dose reduction due to shielding / source removal
  • Calculate future dose rates for decommissioning projects
  • Perform in-situ estimates of waste category and volume
  • Compatible with most measurement instruments – including Createc’s Recon N-Visage.
  • Data from multiple surveys and from different instruments.
  • Import 3D data from laser scanners, CAD software, photogrammetry and others


  • Build Hi-fidelity radiation models of complex environments
  • Map multiple isotopes
  • Logs and saves analysis for retrieval later
  • Modify models to estimate changes in dose for ALARP analysis
  • Graphical outputs compatible with standard CAD packages.
  • User controllable resolution down to 1cm
  • Apply on a physical scale from 1m to >100m
  • Operational from 5 to >50,000 radiation data points
  • Activity estimates accurate up to ±10%
  • Apply on a physical scale from 1m to >100m
  • Can work with anything from 5 to >50,000 radiation data points
  • Activity estimates accurate up to ±10% achievable