Iris VR works as one single interface for remote scene perception and robot control. It replaces an entire control room with a VR headset.

It gives operators virtual presence in a remote environment by combining VR visualisation of real time sensor data with a gesture-based user-interface that simplifies the remote control of robots and tools.

Iris VR is a standalone Iris module that communicates with other modules through the Iris framework.


  • Convenient way of controlling multiple robots and devices using a single interface.
  • Replaces an entire control room with VR headset and controllers.
  • Immerses the user in a live representation of the environment.
  • Gesture-based User Interface (UI) control that maps user actions to robots and devices motion.
  • Similar robots are controlled in an uniform way, so users don’t require training for each newly added robot.
  • Diverse visualisation options such as: First person 3D view; Full camera view; Picture in picture camera view; and, Stereo vision;
  • Diverse data visualisation types: RGB; RGBD & Point Clouds; 3D model meshes; Stereo vision;