Iris is a scalable ‘tool-kit’ of off-the-shelf robotic software modules that can be easily reconfigured to solve the many hazardous work-face challenges currently tackled by human workers.

Users with no robotics or programming knowledge are able to safely and effectively reconfigure a robotic system without needing to write any code. Iris enables users to focus on tasks to accomplish, not on understanding the tools to do them.

Robotics providers and integrators are able to build Iris compatible modules using a lightweight framework. Resulting Iris modules are agnostic to the communication layer used, enabling modules to easily adapt to the varying IT and Security requirements of different sites and regulators, and without re-engineering the structure or function of the system.


  • Iris is a closed-source, open-interface platform.
  • High-level user-friendly reconfiguration of modules to solve diverse challenges.
  • Focus on end users with no robotics or programming knowledge.
  • Iris Toolbox works as a scalable toolkit of off-the-shelf robotic modules.
  • Works as a collection of sandboxed distributed applications (IRIS modules).
  • Iris provides an abstraction to the communication layer (i.e., middleware).
  • Supports growing number of communication frameworks (e.g., ROS, ZeroC ICE and Cortex).
  • Provides a lightweight framework for robotics integrators.
  • Framework provides implementation of common communication patterns.