Recon is a simple and intuitive handheld instrument used to 3D map and quantify radioactive environments. An essential asset for decommissioning and radiation protection minimising human exposure.

In decommissioning and radiation protection it is often necessary to map and quantify radioactive contamination in areas quickly and efficiently with minimal human exposure.

Createc Handheld is a simple and intuitive instrument that can be deployed by non-experts to initiate gamma images, simply whilst walking around the survey area. The LCD screen displays the video taken by the camera mounted on the front of the instrument with a real-time overlay showing the source location of any detected gamma radiation. The user builds up the gamma image by manually sweeping the sensor around the areas of interest.

It’s possible to cover wide areas rapidly at a low resolution by stepping back from them and fill in detailed areas more rapidly by stepping closer. The system provides the user with an immediate visual indication of which areas have adequate exposure so they can keep scanning over the survey area until the desired resolution is reached.

How It Works

The instrument’s camera pose is calculated by the lidar positioning system and this information can be used to render the 3D activity model as it would be seen from the current camera view. This image is then displayed as a transparent overlay on the real-time video image. This means that as the user moves the sensors, both the video image and the rendered gamma image align perfectly, creating the impression of being seamlessly attached – in effect, this is an augmented reality display of the radiation.

The system is based on two existing technology platforms, developed by Createc, the N-Visage 3D radiation mapping engine, Fusion and Createc’s real-time lidar positioning system, used on RISER, our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). For the Createc Handheld we developed a simplified version of the 3D mapping engine (Fusion) that is capable of fusing the radiation data and 3D positioning data together in real-time.


  • Cost saving by reducing survey times
  • Guided route plan shown on display
  • Minimise human exposure to radiation
  • Simple intuitive user interface for non-expert users
  • Accurate record of user route and movements
  • Plan of survey area produced
  • Location of contamination can be shown on 2D plan or 3D model
  • Builds up a model of contamination sources on a 3D map


  • Ergonomic handheld form factor
  • Integrated touchscreen showing contamination source in realtime
  • Spectral measurements for radionuclide identification
  • Data available for further 3D analysis and modelling
  • Utilising Createc’s proven N-Visage and RISER technologies.