The N-Visage® Gamma Imager is the world’s most capable and versatile radiation scanning system for the nuclear industry. Designed by nuclear engineers for nuclear engineers, this is the first characterisation system specifically for challenging deployments through small apertures and in high dose areas. The system utilises a unique imaging system based on CZT detector technology. This enables a light system, deployable through small apertures with extremely high background rejection, high spatial resolution, high energy resolution, and 360 degree viewing.

N-Visage® has been recognised as a vital tool and is being used in the UK, USA and at Fukushima where Createc staff are also identifying potential for developments and new ideas to take N-Visage® into the future.


  • Characterise reprocessing and fuel handling facilities using existing service ports. 
  • Post-event characterisation and response. 
  • ROV deployed characterisation tasks. 
  • Understand and control the sources of dose in high-dose manual tasks. 
  • Remote waste assessments.
  • Can be used with N-Visage® Fusion software to create 3D images of the environment.
  • No software required to review, analyse, share.


  • Full 360° by 360° gamma image 
  • Gamma images in under 3 hours
  • User controllable speed and resolution
  • Energy resolution: 3% FWHM @ 662 keV
  • Energy range: 30 keV to 2 MeV
  • Integrated spherical camera and 3D laser
  • Spherical image resolution: 12 Megapixel
  • Point cloud range 10m, res. +/- 30mm
  • High dose tolerant: up to 1 Sv/hr
  • Fits through small apertures: 110mm OD
  • Weight: 10 – 15 kg (configurable)
  • Umbilical length of up to 125m