The N-Visage®


As nuclear facilities reach their end of life the task of decommissioning them must begin. This requires knowledge of the physical layout as well as detailed radiometric data. Records and drawings are often missing or incomplete. We saw an opportunity to improve how things were done.

The N-Visage scanner can detect radiation in 3D. The device generates a point cloud that fuses with radiometric data to allows sources to not only be quantified but seen also. It has been successfully deployed in sites worldwide.

The technology relies on sensor fusion. Radiation detectors quantity radioactive sources, cameras capture RGB data and panoramic images whilst lidars can collect 3d information in the form of point clouds.In 201X NV was deployed at Sellafields to identify sources. The data collected allowed for numerous shielding methods to be evaluated, helping the Sellafields to make informed decisions.

A range of devices utilise the NV technology but offer different deployment options, allowing the varied demands on those decommissioning. Riser drone can travel to areas inaccessible from the ground. The drone navigates autonomously and uncovers radioactivity in real-time. This was useful when it deployed in Fukushima in 201X also making it the first drone flight in a nuclear site in the world.

N-Visage® Recon is handheld device that allows the technology deployed by a user. This allows for simpler more intuitive radiometric surveys. 2D floor plans are generated as the device is used. The more exploration made the greater the data quality.