Introducing … Alan Shippen

Alan is a Research Associate at Createc who joined the company to work on N-Visage after meeting Matt Mellor via a Lancaster University project.  He has a PhD in Nuclear Instrumentation and a first degree in Electronic Engineering from Lancaster.

Key skills and interests

Alan brings strong analytical and problem-solving skills to team as well as his background in engineering and instrumentation.  His core work is on the development of N-Visage but he also contributes to a range of other Createc projects.

Current innovation focus

Alan still maintains the N-Visage focus that attracted him to Createc and he is currently working on the development of the gamma camera device for much tougher and more radioactive environments such as the reactor cells at Fukushima.  He is also keeping an eye on how other clients and companies are using the technology and approach in other sectors and environments.

What inspires me about being part of Createc

“I appreciate the fact that research here is all about new ideas and practical problems rather than just the iterative developments and small improvements associated with academic research.  Createc’s approach and culture is an excellent bridge between academic and industrial research – it’s all about thinking and trying as well as the practicalities.”

More … 

Alan was one of the first Createc team members, joining the company in 2010 and he has seen it grow in several ways since then – in numbers, in projects and in the accelerating potential for future growth into new sectors.


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