Introducing … Ashley Napier

Ashley joined Createc as a Research associate in 2014 after a degree in Engineering Science (specialising in control and electronics) and a PhD in Robotics, working with Professor Paul Newman at the University of Oxford.

Key skills and interests

Ashley’s main interests lie in developing multi-modal approaches to robotic localisation and navigation problems.  This approach of fusing multiple sensor outputs together is more akin to the way a human might explore and explain an environment.

Current innovation focus

Ashley is working across a range of Createc projects including two joint ventures, SLATE and RISER that are at the forefront of their respective technologies.  His work is all about taking sensor data, fusing it and then distilling out the information that will allow robotic platforms to make judgements and take decisions about movement.

What inspires me about being part of Createc

“Doing something that no one has done before is exciting and, as part of the team at Createc, I am doing that with a number of projects.  Seeing a RISER device build up a map  as it moves around a building has been exciting – as has figuring out how to combine different technologies together to enable that to happen.”

More … 

Ashley summarises the Createc approach (as opposed to a conventional engineering research approach) as being problem-driven research that is motivated by a desire to move new technology out of the lab and into the hands of users.