Introducing … David Clark

Research Associate with an astrophysics background, David was an early recruit to Createc.

Key skills and interests

David joined Createc in 2011 after working on sensors for gamma radiation in an astrophysics environment at the University of Southampton.  That unusual combination of skills in computing, radiation physics and image analysis is now put to good use in laser scanning and nuclear imaging applications at the forefront of Createc’s projects.

Current innovation focus

As well as contributing his data and image analysis skills to active projects, David is also tackling the development of an effective project management system for Createc.  He is applying the basic core principles of project management and adapting them to a creative technical innovation process that isn’t linear, doesn’t have pre-defined milestones and where decisions in one area can affect progress in several directions!

What inspires me about being part of Createc

“At Createc, I’ve been able to be part of exciting science, working in a great part of the world but with a settled post – I can focus on the work rather than searching for my next position as a non-tenured academic.  And the technical problems here are as challenging as any academic research work.”

More … 

David was previously involved in designing detectors for ESA satellite missions and highly-cited research into gamma-ray polarisation as part of the Integral team based at the University of Southampton.  He’s currently involved in Createc’s partnership working with Costain on contamination depth profiling within nuclear applications and SLATE, a novel perimeter intrusion detection system, as well as developing the company’s project management system.


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